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Where To Find Best Divorce Lawyers In Karachi

Divorce/Talaq or dissolution of marriage is a really serious matter and it needs attention too. It is
legal and is supported by the constitution of Pakistan. Talaq is given by the husband and Khula is
taken by the wife. Usually, there are many problems regarding it. We will break them down to
tell you about them.

The Problems

Both the man and woman get many issues in the process but most women have to face issues
because of society and culture. It is always been said that if the husband gives divorce or the
woman takes Khula in both cases the woman is shamed and blamed for it.
Women have been treated harshly for a very long time. They have to face the entire society
while the Man roams proudly. A very toxic environment has been built for women nowadays.
According to society divorced woman has no respect and she deserves all the hatred.
This does not mean that the man is never humiliated or disrespected. People disrespect them too,
but in most cases, it is the women who bear all of the burdens.
One of the major issues is child custody. Usually, the custody of the kids is given to the one who
can bear their expenses and can take care and raise them right in their best power. But sometimes
the second part is neglected and only the financial stability is focused which affects a child’s
mental and physical health.

The Solution

There are many problems but don’t worry at all because we are here just for that. We help you
solve all of these problems. We help you in getting a Divorce/Khula with all the legal steps and
keep it professional. We also help you get all the issues resolved. We also deal in getting you the
custody of your child.

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