Legal Issues of One Talaq Ahsan in Muslim Family Law Case

What if the Husband Announce Only One Talaq Ahsan to the Wife

According to Islam Marriage is a sacred act and is the only way a Muslim man and woman can live together. Nikah is the procedure that binds a Muslim man and woman into a relationship that is the purest. However, sometimes this purest relationship can break due to misunderstanding or incompatibility. Such incompatible relationships sadly end in divorce. As per Islam divorce can be initiated by the husband if he verbally announces the divorce. He can announce the divorce verbally by saying the word “Talaq” three times. But husbands sometimes say Talaq one time and many people have no idea what to do after such a case. To know the answer give this article a look.

What will happen if the husband announces one Talaq Ahsan?

Talaq Ahsan refers to the verbal Talaq announced in the state of purity (when the woman is off her monthly cycle). Usually, husbands say the word “Talaq” three times when they go for a verbal divorce however if the husband says one Talaq Ahsan it will be considered as one Talaq. That means if the couple reconcile the husband will have only 2 Talaqs left.

Will the woman observe iddah after one Talaq Ahsan?

Yes, one Talaq Ahsan is still considered divorce and the woman will have to observe iddah. Iddah is the waiting period for women that consists of three months. During these three months, both husband and wife would be out of contact and would think about their decision. If the husband thinks his decision was not right he can take his wife back within these three months without the renewal of Nikah. However, if the husband wants to reconsider his decision after three months he will have to go for renewal of Nikah.

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