How to Register NGO in Pakistan

An NGO stands for non-profit organization, which does not take any benefits from the government or the local authorities, yet they help solve social and political issues. There are a large number of NGOs in Pakistan working for social or political causes. How these NGOs are formed is a question one might ask if they are interested in starting their own NGO for the welfare of the public. If you are also interested in establishing your own NGO, then this article can help you as we have mentioned all the steps that can help you in registering your own NGO here in Pakistan.

Simple steps you need to follow before registering your own NGO in Pakistan:

Choose the name, structure and type of your NGO:

The first step towards establishing a successful NGO is being certain about the structure, type and name of your NGO. There are many different types of operational NGOs in Pakistan, including child protection, women empowerment, and political and orphan support NGOs. So, it is better to decide the path and structure of your organization beforehand. As far as the name is concerned, you can not name your NGO on any other organization’s name, so the name you choose has to be unique. You can check the availability of the name with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Once approved, the name is reserved for your organization.

Draft a Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA):

Before registering your NGO, you will have to draft an MOA and AOA for your organization. These documents will enlist the role and objectives of your NGO with respect to society.

Form a management committee for your NGO:

Before submitting your documents, you will have to form a management committee for your NGO. This step is very crucial for the registration of your NGO as without a solid board of governors the authorities will doubt the abilities of your NGO.

Submit your application to SECP:

SECP is the authority that regulates the NGOs in Pakistan, so in order to register your NGO, you have to submit an application form along with the required documents like MOA and AOA. You also need to get digital signatures from two of their authority member for submitting your online application. Once you have obtained the signature, go to their online portal, submit your application and pay the fee mentioned by SECP. They will review your application, and if they are satisfied with the documents, they will grant you the registration.







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