Guide to Changing Your Name After Marriage.

Changing your name after marriage is usually not advised as it requires alot of changes in your documents. However, many women change their surnames after marriage and replace their father’s name with their husband’s. The process of changing your name after marriage requires you to change your CNIC as well. If you want to know about the full procedure of changing your name, here’s all you need to know.

Processes Involved in Changing Your Name After Marriage:

Update Your CNIC:

A newlywed bride has to change her CNIC after marriage, as the old one has her father’s name instead of her husband’s. So, if you want to change your surname as well, you would have to go to the Nadra office with your old CNIC. They will ask for your marriage certificate and will confirm our marriage after reviewing the certificate. You would give them your new information along with your new surname, and you will get a new CNIC within months with your new name on it.

Update Your Passport:

You also need to update your name on your passport, and for that, you will have to visit the passport office. They will ask you for a new and updated CNIC and the marriage certificate. After reviewing the documents, they will change your name on your passport as well.

Update Your Bank Account Information:

Another thing that you have to do after changing your name on your CNIC is to go to your bank and ask them to change your name on all your bank accounts. They will also need your CNIC and marriage certificate, so do not forget to bring that along.

Update Your Educational and Professional Documents:

After changing your name, you need to update the name in all your educational or professional documents, as institutions tend to match the name on documents with the name mentioned on the CNIC. So go to the relevant departments along with your CNIC and your marriage certificate and ask them to change your name on all the documents.

Announce In The Newspaper:

This step is optional, but it’s better to follow as this way, everybody will know that you have changed your surname and will have proof that you have publicly announced it. Through this announcement, all the legal and security departments will get to know that you have officially changed your name and will now be called by your new name.