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Apply for child maintenance in Family Court

Child maintenance is a very important aspect when it comes to divorce and separation of parents. A child has no fault in any case so he has to get proper maintenance and should be taken care of. So, if you are up for a divorce and need to apply for child maintenance this article has everything you need to know about child maintenance cases.

How to apply for Child maintenance in Karachi, Pakistan

Hire a reputable family lawyer

If you are going to get a divorce or are planning a separation, you need to claim Child maintenance from the father. The custody of minor kids usually goes to the mother which means she has to claim maintenance in court and the father has to pay it. Therefore, the mother will hire a reputable family lawyer who will represent her in the child maintenance case.

Apply for a claim of child maintenance in family court

The lawyer will help you apply for the claim of child maintenance in family court. He will gather all the required documents and will apply on your behalf.

Provide the income proofs

The next and most important step of a child maintenance case is the hearing in front of the family court magistrate. The court will call both mother and the father to agree on a certain amount of maintenance funds. The mother’s lawyer will provide the income proof of the father in court and will claim accordingly. The husband will also provide proof on his part to tell the court his exact income

Ask for the desired amount of maintenance

If you apply for child maintenance, the important thing is the number of funds you are going to get. This amount depends on the needs of your kids and the husband’s income. Try to claim the amount that is needed and is easy for the husband to pay.

The Court will decide the amount of child maintenance

After both sides and their demands, the court will have to decide the amount of the child maintenance fund. However, both husband and wife can also mutually decide on a certain amount of funds. The court will intervene if they both fail to agree on a mutually decided fund. In that case, the maintenance fund will be decided and the father will have to pay it every month.


Q. Can the father deny child maintenance?

No, the father can not deny Child maintenance and the court will not allow him. He has to pay his kids’ rights even if they are in their mother’s custody.

Q. Till what age does the father have to pay child maintenance?

The father has to pay child maintenance for his kids till they reach the age of 18 years.

Q. If the father has a low income, will he be exempted from Child maintenance?

No, child maintenance is the legal right of kids. Even if the father has a low income he has to pay this right. However, the court will ask the father to pay a reasonable amount for child maintenance. This fund will be low and will suit the father’s income.