Foreign Company Registration

Foreign Company Registration

How to do a Foreign Company Registration in Karachi, Pakistan

Foreign investors can easily invest in Pakistan by registering their companies. However, we have prepared a simple guide to simplify each step of registering a foreign company in Pakistan.

The procedure of a foreign company registration in Pakistan:

The step-by-step process of foreign company registration is as follows.

Step 1: Pick a category

Firstly it is important to pick the category for the company. The company can be either a private limited private or a single-member private limited, which can also become a part of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

•The Single Member Company has no more than one shareholder and at least one Director.
•The Private Limited Company should have at least two shareholders and less than 50 shareholders. The company should have a minimum of at least two directors.

Once you have decided on the category, the next step is to collect all the required documents.

Step 2: Document Required

After choosing the category, you must collect all the necessary documents to be submitted to the SECP for incorporation.

The documents will be required for you to register your foreign company:
• Company’s Name
• The Business Line: this includes a short description of the business.
•An address in Pakistan
•The names of the shareholder(s) and Director (s), as well as their passport copies if they are foreigners or CNIC if they are Pakistani
•Elaborated Details of companies shares according to each shareholder
•foreign shareholders and directors are required to take an undertaking according to the prescribed format
•Documentations of the foreign company
• Company Profile
•The Details of the company’s directors, including their nationality.
•An approval of investment: Board Resolution
•Articles and Memorandum of association
•Certificate of incorporation of the company
•Payment evidence of the incorporation fee

SECP demands all the required documents/information be collected related to the foreign company. They should be filed with the registrar after completing the following:

•It should be certified as true by the public officer of the respective country where it is incorporated.
• A Notary public of that country
•An affidavit from an officer of the company in the country

All documents are authenticated by a Pakistani diplomatic consular or a consulate officer. The SECP then approves a certificate of incorporation of the company along with its National Tax Number (NTN).

After this procedure, the company can now begin its operations in Pakistan.

Frequently asked questions:

● How Long Does It Take To Achieve A Foreign Company Registered In Pakistan?

The duration varies due to diverse factors, including the document’s accuracy and how fast the system works. The workload can also delay the process. However, completing the whole procedure can take more than a month.

● How Much Is The Fee To Get A Foreign Company Registered In Pakistan?

The fee to register a foreign company in Pakistan is as low as 3000 but can vary according to other factors.