Copyright Registration

What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright is an assignable legal right that prevents anyone from copying your work for a specified period. Getting your work registered is highly recommended, so you have proof that it is yours. Getting a copyright registration will give you an exclusive right to reproduce, publish, copy, broadcast, etc., the work. This means that no one can copy your work, and if they do it will come under an act of theft.

What works can be copyrighted?

The following categories of works can be copyrighted:

1-Work related to literature, music, and drama

2-graphic designs, pictorial and sculpture works.

3-Audiovisuals like motion pictures

4-audio recordings

5-Work pertaining to architecture and design.

How to apply for copyright registration in Pakistan?

The following steps will guide you on how to get a Copyright Registration for your work in Pakistan.

Step number 1: File A Copyright Application

The registration laws will guide you on how to apply for copyright registration.

Step number 2: Examination Of The Application

After you have filed your application, it will be examined by the copyright registrar of Pakistan. When the examination process is completed, it will be given acceptance to get published in the copyright journal. This will give opposition parties the to point out any objections. 

Step number 3: Advertising In Newspaper

A draft of the copyright will be published in a newspaper advertisement. The applicant must wait at least one month to claim its authorship.

Step number 4: Opposition Against The Copyright

The registrar can make objections against any findings which will demand clarification. If someone has objected to publication, the registration comes to a stop.

Step number 5: The Certification

After all the above steps are completed, and any raised objections meet a satisfactory reply, the registration certificate is given. This registration is only valid for a time frame of fifty years.


 Q1- Is it possible to get copyright permission in Pakistan?

Yes, but you need a trademark certificate, after which you can register your copyright.

Q2-Can I get my name copyrighted in Pakistan?

Yes, you will have to apply for a trademark search. This is usually done by filling out a TM Form 55. The TMR Office does an extensive search to ensure availability.

Q3-What is the difference between copyright and trademark in Pakistan?

The trademark keeps your brand safe by protecting items that define your company, for example, its punch line or logo. The copyright ensures that your literary and artistic work is prevented from being copied.

Q4- What is the punishment for copyright in Pakistan?

Under the FIA law, if anyone breaches the copyright, they will face a prison time of 9 years. . FIA will also take all their goods in custody and seal their business. There is also a fine put which depends on the damage done to the copyright owner.

Q5-How much Time does the process of copyright registration take?

In Pakistan, the Time taken to get copyright registration can span one to two years.